Siena’s Homeschool “Giving Project”

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Our Goal

$585 of $2,500

This month in the homeschool lesson for my daughter we want to put into action the theme “Cultivating Gratitude by Giving.” In a time that has required our community to be distanced along with being emotionally and physically drained, we want to focus on deepening connections, being grateful and expanding our ability to be a blessing for our community through giving.  We are asking those that are looking to refresh some positivity in their lives by focusing on gratitude and giving by joining “Siena’s Homeschool Giving Project” to raise funds for Harford County Action Agency. HCAA helps all Harford County individuals and families who are experiencing financial hardships in meeting their housing, food, energy/heating, and/or budget and family counseling needs. Your support may be just what someone needs this Thanksgiving season to be hopeful and the positive shift you may need to cultivate gratitude through giving.

Provide Emergency Food for a Family With Over 6 Members

Price: $100.00

Provide Emergency Food for a Family of 6

Price: $75.00

Provide Emergency Food for a Family of 4

Price: $50.00

Provide Emergency Food for a Family of 2

Price: $35.00

General Donation

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